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Winter SPA treatment

Facial treatments


An innovative nourishing and moisturizing treatment. It consists in pressing a serum, selected for the needs of your skin, into the skin with the use of active oxygen. The face treatment is preceded by cavitation peeling.

50 minutes | PLN 240


Body treatments and massages


An aromatic body treatment with the scent of Christmas: mulled wine, orange and chocolate. A cleansing sugar scrub will perfectly smooth the skin, a moisturizing chocolate mask with a hint of orange will envelop the body, and a massage based on shea butter will pamper the senses.

80 minutes | PLN 320



A moisturizing treatment for the whole body, preceded by a sugar-cinnamon peeling. A cinnamon mask will moisturize and warm the body, and a massage based on shea butter with cinnamon-orange oil will relax you wonderfully after winter walks.

80 minutes | PLN 310



A relaxing treatment for men. Peeling
with the aroma of hot wine will cleanse the skin, the hop mask will regenerate the body, and a whole body massage based on hemp oil with the smell of whiskey will soothe the senses.

80 minutes | PLN 320



A treatment consisting of a coffee body scrub with the addition of freshly ground coffee beans and a full body massage with natural cocoa butter. The treatment renews and moisturizes the skin, adds energy.

50 minutes | PLN 230

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