Your body's regeneration

Amazing place in a quiet area of ​​Karpacz , where you can relax and take care of the harmony of body and spirit. Experience the exceptional spa treatments performed with ritual and meticulous attention to a relaxed atmosphere. We thought of many ways to relax and regenerate your body.


In Palace Margot we have swimming pool with rock grotto and wild river. 

Rooftop Pool

Pool was established in 2016 . It is equipped with anti - wave and a couch with a hot tub. We can also swim and enjoy the incredible panorama of the Mountains.
Open from May/June to September


Just open!

Mini swimming pool inspired from jukatan cave in Mexico.


  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish sauna
  • Infared sauna


Created for those who search for an ideal place for regeneration, body and soul renewal in accord with nature. Studio offers a wide range of services, massages from classical and Rolletic to ancient Ayurveda treatments.

Beauty salon

Our beauty salons is a unique place where Treat yourself to a little luxury and take care of Your beauty.

Salt Cave

Salt cave have such microclimate as that which prevails at seaside, and therefore a similar effect on our body. Clean air, ionized through the salt, not only relax, but also helps in the treatment of many diseases.


Feel the bliss that comes from hydro. Relax in the bath with hydromassage, a great way to relax, especially for people with diseases of the spine, rheumatic and nervous tension increased.


The room in which to relax on heated couches , listening to relaxing music and watch the play of light , including natural forms inspired by the works of nature.

Sunny meadow

New 2016

20 minutes for 2 pearson: 40 zł

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