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The Margot Palace is situated in the beautiful park, in the quiet district of Karpacz, 800 metres from the centre of the town. We have made an effort to let this restored building facinate you with the unique atmosphere and enchant you with the beauty of its architecture. It is a special place which allows you to relax in quietness and peace far away from the city noise. Beautiful views, the closeness of nature and attractions of Karpacz and its surroundings are the guarantee of nice stay.


The founder of the orphanage for girls in Karpacz was Princess Charlotte of Prussia sister of Emperor Wilhelm II, later the Duchess of Saxe - Meningen mother Feodory von Reuss from Kowary . Imposing building built of sandstone , brick and half-timbered houses was known as Charlottencheim from the name of its founder . The building housed an orphanage for women with young children. The most common were placed here, the wives and children of officers of the Emperor of Germany. The designer of the building was the architect Karl Grosser Berlin academy building known among of the projects Monopol hotel in Wroclaw and the hospital "High Meadow " in Kowary . After World War II the building housed the House of Mother and Child run by nuns , and holiday house Workers' Holiday Fund " Baska " . In 2009, Palace Margot has been carefully restored and turned into one of the most visited and beautiful SPA&Wellness in Karpacz.

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